Avery was a freshman at LSU. She was going to school to be a child psychiatrist. Avery was the most tender hearted, sweetest, most loving child ever, almost to a fault. She was diagnosed with OCD in the second grade. It was a long, tough road but she fought through it. It made her who she was and that is an incredibly loving, giving, selfless young woman. I remember when she was maybe 9 years old she said, “Mom, I know why God gave me OCD. It’s because he wants me to help other kids with it.” From then on she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Her tragic accident that took her life way too soon made Mike and I realize, she is not done with fulfilling her dream. So we decided to start a foundation in her name. Our goal is to help kids fulfill their dreams by helping them through education. To handout scholarships yearly to students who have the same qualities that Avery had. That is what Avery would want.

Learn More About Avery In The Fox 8 News Article Here.

Avery Marie Natal Obituary

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