Mike and Monique’s goal is to help high school students fulfill their dreams through higher education by awarding yearly scholarships to students who have the same qualities and desires that Avery had. Knowing that Avery’s passion for helping others will live on each year is priceless to the Natal’s.

Through the generosity of our donors, the Avery Natal Memorial Scholarship Foundation, is able to offer 5 graduating seniors one-time $5,000 scholarship. The 5 recipients must be seeking a degree in either Psychology, Humanities, Social Studies, or related fields.

Celebration of Life Care/Grief Packages:

The foundation has also created “Celebration of Life Care/Grief Packages” for families who have recently lost a child suddenly. These packages will assist the families with gift cards, restaurant gift certificates, grief literature, religious items, etc., items that assisted Monique and myself during our difficult time after Avery’s sudden  lose. Items that will hopefully lift the family up during this extraordinarily difficult time in their life.

Avery Natal Memorial Scholarship Foundation


On April 8th 2022 at 11:19am, we lost our 19 year old daughter, Avery Natal in a tragic car accident on her way home from college. Avery Natal was a freshman at LSU. She was going to school to be a child psychiatrist. Avery was the most tender hearted, sweetest, most loving child ever, almost to a fault. She was diagnosed with OCD in the second grade. It was a long, tough road but she fought through it. It made her who she was and that is an incredibly loving, giving, selfless young woman. I remember when she was maybe 9 years old she said, “Mom, I know why God gave me OCD. It’s because he wants me to help other kids with it.” From then on she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Her tragic accident that took her life way too soon made Mike and I realize, she is not done with fulfilling her dream. So we decided to start a foundation in her name. Our goal is to help kids fulfill their dreams by helping them through education. To handout scholarships yearly to students who have the same qualities that Avery had. That is what Avery would want.

Avery Natal Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Avery Natal Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Several other reason’s we formed the “Avery Natal Memorial Scholarship Foundation”:

1. We want Avery’s name to live on, helping others achieve their goals and dreams, that Avery had set forth to accomplish herself for others. This is what she would have wanted from us.

2. To remind everyone to “OWN EVERY SECOND LIKE AVERY NATAL” did. Avery always loved family time, creating everlasting memories with photos, videos, and blogs.

3. To remind everyone that “TIME” is your most precious priority. You never know when your “TIME” will be up, no money, car or job can replace “TIME” and “MEMORIES”.

4. Our goal is Eternal Life in Heaven with God and our loved ones, this life we are all living on earth is our audition, our personal dance floor to do the right things and build that resume to enter eternal life. We can’t waste our one chance, our one audition, as we never know when this audition on earth might end for us. So build that relationship with God, allow him to lead us to Heaven, to our loved ones.

In Closing:

Your donations, sponsorships, door prizes, volunteer work and precious time to help make this a successful fundraiser means the world to Monique, Peyton and myself. Knowing that Avery’s passion for helping others will live on each year is priceless to us.

God Bless you, your family and business for your donations,

Love, Mike, Monique, Peyton and “Avery” Natal

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